Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Face of Change...

Welcome to the re-launch of The Face of Change blog, a program of AmeriFace!

AmeriFace is the premier support organization for the cleft/craniofacial community - or as we like to call it - the community of persons with facial differences and their families. The verbiage is finally catching on...but we have a long way to go to educate not only the patients and families we serve, but to an even greater extent, the general public.

Since 1991 we've watched the organization and its programs grow, and our outreach become much more than we ever dreamed possible thanks to the age of technology. Requests for support and information have increased exponentially and thanks to our Pathfinder volunteers, we continue to meet the needs of our clients...our friends.

We realize that AmeriFace can't continue to be the largest, most active organization of its kind without taking on more and more responsibility each year, because...

Leaders lead.

So for Phase 1 of The Face of Change initiative, an incredible program in development for quite some time and finally coming to fruition, we're re-launching this blog.

The Face of Change is not intended to be "just" a blog; "just" a journal. Overall, The Face of Change is a state of mind. It's about:
  • Changing attitudes, both within and outside the community of those with facial differences.
  • Acceptance, not tolerance.
  • Educating patients and families about the various conditions represented within the community.
  • Working with like-minded organizations as well as government and community-based entities to ensure the multi-faceted needs of patients and families are met.
  • Educating medical and education professionals about what patients and families require to ensure best outcomes.
  • Facilitating care for those who are uninsured or underinsured; patients who "fall through the cracks."
The Face of Change will spotlight the insights and journeys of a series of Guest Bloggers. And that means you.
We'll feature your thoughts and experiences to build a living library of informative and inspirational entries. Expecting a newborn with a craniofacial condition? Fighting an insurance company? Getting ready for surgery? Survived trauma, illness or disease resulting in a facial difference? Had an experience at the park or in the supermarket you want to share?
While we invite you to share your thoughts, this will not be a forum for typical periodic updates on yourself or the family, etc. as that is what your personal blogs and websites are for. Nor will it replace our incredibly successful programs at the Family-to-Family Connection and our other listservs, where you can ask questions, get answers and offer assistance to others.
What we're looking for here are those insights, those "a-ha" moments, those things you wish everyone knew.
What has inspired you throughout this journey? What has frightened you?
What will you write that will help change attitudes and opinions, not only those of the general public but perhaps even your own?
What will you blog that will make a difference in someone else's life?
How will you...
Educate ~ Inspire ~ Serve ~ Lead
Only a few guidelines apply:
  • Submissions will be published once each week; more often when warranted.
  • Guest Bloggers must limit entries to 500 words. Feel free to include links to additional information.
  • Your entry must be submitted for approval. We will then post your submission with your contact information to The Face of Change blog. This is not an attempt to censor, but to ensure spelling and grammatical snafus are caught before publication, as well as faulty web links, etc. This will make for easy reading and the best possible organization of the blog for our visitors.
  • Guest Bloggers will be limited to one published work each month; links to additional information are encouraged.
As we re-roll out the blog, we'll also be unveiling the outline of the Face of Change initiative, so stay tuned for the who, what, where, when...and you already know why - because we're...
Making a world of difference in a world of facial differences!
Looking forward to your inspiring entries. We'll soon announce our next Guest Blogger!
Interested in editing blog entries for AmeriFace?  Contact me at!